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Words for my girlfriend

Time: 2016-12-16

Thank you for accompanying me through all these years. Thank you for being tolerant of my bad temper and for being unreasonable for making trouble and forgetting the days when I committed crimes together.

Dear girlfriend, you will never see what I was when I was the loneliest, because only when you are not by my side, I am the loneliest.

There is only you in the world, how can I not cherish it.

If you cry again, I will cry,

--Hey, --Why, --Come out, --What's wrong, --I'm in a bad mood, --Okay, where are you, --Where is the old place waiting for you, hang up, feel at ease,

The same hairstyle and clothing, I only want to hit the shirt with you,

We say okay, never let go of our holding hands,

Friendship between three people takes time to run,

When I am sad , I miss you, I want to cry and talk to you, tightly, when I am not apart, when I am happy, I miss you, I want to pull you up, break up, keep smirking at you, and listen to you scold me stupid,

Your shoulders are not thick, but they always give me warmth and strength,

Between us, not familiar from the beginning, becoming so close friends, in retrospect, we all smile,

You say that life goes on like this, we all have work and family, should we be busy turning into yellow-faced women for the sake of oil and salt, but even then, we will look at each other a thousand miles,

Boys must not understand. 、 Girl friends must be together in the toilet.

We just want to go together and smirk, we want to go together and tell some jokes that we will forget for a moment,

We have been touched, noisy, crazy, but always too sad

Your sadness, I'll share, I'll share your happiness, I'll always be with you,

No matter how long we haven't seen each other, we are still the same as each other. Poor temperament, talking loudly, not paying attention to the meter, but always so happy, so-called good friends are like this, no matter how long I live from, dare to come over, not embarrassed, very Easy and natural, I feel bad for you, your tears wet my heart, I really remember someone who distressed you,

Friends are the only characters who scold you while wiping tears for you.

You know, even if the rain makes the whole city upside down, I will give you warm arms

Two people look at each other again, continue to laugh, tired smile when nothing happens, move on,

Once, we always went hand in hand to go to school and school together, told each other jokes or humorous experiences, talked and danced, and after I found out, how people around me looked at themselves,

Without friendship, the tree of life will wither in the sound of time, and the soil of the soul will be barren in the variations of the season. The lack of true friends is the purest and most pitiful loneliness. Without friendship, it is nothing but a wilderness. ,

Regardless of love or friendship, the ultimate purpose is not home, but understanding, tacit understanding, looking for someone who can talk while walking, no matter what time, what mood,

We later went to different places to study, often talked to each other,

Without saying, tears flow first, love me more than myself,

Met someone and then, life changed, the plot that was originally not in love,

Quietly enjoying the afternoon sun, very cozy, with you around, very full, more perfect,

You have gone through so many people, gathered together, divided, combined, and there will be in the future, but you have to remember that the last one will always be me, in the most troubled and helpless, can understand you, patiently People who talk to you and comfort you with real emotions,

No matter how long I haven't met, the surging mood before the meeting is immediately drowned out by the calm after the meeting, as if we obviously went out together yesterday to eat, eat, hold hands,

As long as one call and one text message, I can still be in that old place, see you standing there waiting for me, we have never left,

Secret love , ideals, fantasies, the life you want in the future, the place you want to go, or the bad words of others, this is the endless chat, we have a tacit understanding and understanding

Happy, romantic, sharing with you, heartache, sad, you hold me,

One eye can understand all of me,

You are humiliated and I will do justice for you. You are not happy, I make you laugh. You are happy, I am with you two. Whoever bullies you, I criticize. You're not happy anymore, I'll spoil you as a bitch.

I like to feel tired with you. It is not that there will always be endless topics to talk about, but that we will not feel embarrassed even if we don't talk. This freedom is not even given by lovers.

When I tell you my troubles, that's not complaining, it's my trust in you.

Believe it or not, there is a feeling that you will not lose to time in your life.

Girlfriend is that the more you accept her, the more she has to make progress, but your relationship is still so good.

Girlfriend is when you want to cry, she will lend your shoulder to you, and when you are done, she will let you wash her wet clothes with tears. It is very happy to have a girlfriend who knows you.

The best girlfriend is that you have nothing to hide, trust each other, she loves you to death. The best relationship is that you can be yourself completely, but she is still obsessed with the real you.

Girlfriends are even more important to us than to be alone.

Girlfriends are actually another one.

"I'm tired" "Come on, eat and wrap"-this is girlfriends. She also has a copy of your daily necessities in her house.

The true meaning of life is not the number of breaths, but the moments that make you unable to breathe.

Friends are people who see you through and can still like you. Good girlfriends are the ones who grabbed one of your shortcomings and said for a long time.

The person who is best to you is often the person who is the best to bully. People in the world always bully the person who is best for him.

Sometimes, after being aggrieved, I didn't want to cry, but whenever a friend asks you "what's wrong", I can't help crying. Together is a fate, I hope everyone cherish.

Have you ever thought about marrying your girlfriend on the same day?

In fact, it is enough to have two girlfriends. One is willing to lend you money. When she asks you for money, the other dares to hit you. This is enough ...

I have always envied that my girlfriend has one of the best girlfriends in the world. Don't think that if you do n’t meet often, your feelings will fade. Tell you, just because of our friendship, I dare to go crazy in your life.

Girlfriends: It's the kind of weird today, laughing tomorrow, getting bored, thinking far away, worrying when you don't see it, hating when you see it, you can bully yourself, others can't bully.

When in a bad mood, always ask yourself what you have instead of nothing. Open the window and look at the sky. With a big laugh, tomorrow is another beautiful day.

Good friends are like stars, you may not always see them. But you know, they will always be there.

Girlfriends are people who are willing to stand up for you when you are bullied by others.

Girlfriend, remember: If he breaks your wings, I will ruin his heaven with my own hands, and no one dares to hurt you.

I have a good girlfriend , we are not couples, we are not LES, but I love her.

Even if you are only a small piece of my life puzzle, my life would not be complete without you.

I think, when we haven't become the women of others, we must take a wedding photo together, it belongs to our wedding photos only.

There has always been a desire to rent a room with my girlfriends, go to different classes during the day, and simply go to work together and go! Make fun together when you are happy, and cry together when you are sad! This little happiness is what I always yearn for ...

Girlfriends are the people who accompany you to wait for dawn in the darkest time.

The sign of maturity is not the truth, but the little things that you start to understand.

Thank you for enlightening me when I'm helpless, comforting me when I'm crying, warming up when I'm sick, and crying with me when I'm desperate, thank you.

True friends will accept your past, support your present, and inspire your future.

As long as you need me, I will always be where you can see.

Noisy, no cursing is called a girlfriend.

As long as there are girlfriends together, it's called hi to burst! I want our friendship to last forever.

I have a girl friend who pushes her heart and speaks nothing, and occasionally has a stubborn heart. Although not so good at the beginning, but in the days I have experienced together, I have a firm heart.

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