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Time: 2016-12-16

I wish the heart would be silent and gentle.

The best happiness is what you care about.

Dear girls, happiness will never be absent.

Have you ever remembered that there was a mushroom that loved you very much and was waiting for you to love her.

We 99 not 88

The people around me are not crowded at all, you are the only one

The simple words attracted my heart.

That day, when I met you, the weather was fine and you smiled at me in the sun

Happiness = wifi + duvet + sunshine + food + you

I just want to say that my heart is so bright

Being spoiled by you is also a kind of happiness

People who eat food are destined for a happy life.

Xu Yishi is warm and wish a happy life

Because I am with you, I am prouder than anyone

Tick a little finger we are always friends

I want to eat a lollipop, shall we half of us? —Well, well, I eat sugar, you eat sticks.

When you love someone, you care about everything and forgive everything.

The greatest happiness is to be able to eat food with the person you like

"Will you come for my wedding?" "I won't come and you will get a fart!

When I was young, I thought happiness was simple. When I grow up, I think simplicity is happiness.

I'm engraved in my left hand, and you're in my right hand.

Even if there are thousands of styles in the world, I just love you

If there is only one minute left in the world, I will say I love you

The happiest thing is that a bad-tempered girl has a good-tempered boy who always pets her

May you be unrestrained like the wind.

For the rest of your life I hope you laugh and don't frown and don't miss him.


You can just laugh and spend the world with you and I will fight for you.

It's not too long in my life, is there enough to take me away.

Yu Guang's glimpse of you will make me have the illusion of being in trouble.

I long for the kind of love that is good enough to get married .

I want to meet the wind of love like dandelion.

The best smell in the world is the smell of you when you hold you.

I want to warm you a cup of tea for the rest of my life, and don't forget to go home when the evening breeze rises.

May you meet sooner, someone who is willing to read your whole life .

May the people you remember remember saying good night to you and don't feel lonely.

Companionship is the most affectionate confession. Second reply is the most intimate wait.

It doesn't have to be to love someone, but you must love her well.

Even if the whole world sums up your evil words, I will say the last love to you.

May your life work hard and be loved for the rest of your life.

If you miss me, just call me and send me a message. Don't worry. In fact, I miss you too.

Don't be afraid, there will always be someone staying up late to accompany you, and it will pick you up when it rains, saying I love you.

People who hate you, no matter how good you are, he won't admire people who like you, even if you have as many bad things as possible.

I think I'll take care of my heart before I meet the right person.

I really want to hug you and smell the smell of your body. I put my chin on your shoulder and fall asleep.

Please believe that as long as I am alive, you are an unforgettable dream.

I want to knit a gown in the distance to wrap you around for the rest of my life.

He said to me, I was wrong, I was Lang, but I love you ...

If you laugh at you for a long time because of the obsession with love, you will not regret being a believer.

Never come here at your peak, nor leave you when you are at the bottom.

May you look like you are holding a bouquet of roses in the eyes of your beloved.

If you can open up and be happy for me sincerely, I am willing to abandon everything for you.

There will still be people waiting for you so that you can walk around the world without leaving you.

Covered with mud, please don't blame me for not being clean and not seeing you without going through these.

The weather is very nice and the sunshine is beautiful. You said together I said I would.

May someone be separated from you, and be gentle on the day and never break your heart.

You look so ordinary that I see my heart startled.

No matter how you meet, you feel like you have made it.

Two people can love for a long time by giving and being moved in turn.

No initial freshness but loving you has become a habit.

I want to embrace you to accompany you on any bumps you have.

People who don't want you to be aggrieved and frown will always let you come.

Will the second earth have a second me and you.

Fate is you, and this life is destined to love you.

He is not good or charming. He is ordinary. I just like him.

Feelings are not for one person but for two.

Your tenderness is the strongest wine I have ever drunk.

Ten thousand good nights might as well hold you to sleep.

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